Sunday, October 4, 2009


Fed the stray cat, made coffee, and took two B12 tablets hoping to be energized for a full day of writing. Yep, it's a writing day for me. I've had a week of working on so many projects (ghost writing, free-lance features, etc) but today I'm going to work on my second novel LAUREL AVENUE. It's a Hollywood story filled with wacky characters including a tyrant boss of a comedy club, a nosy apartment super, a group of gossiping neighbors, an aspiring writer/waiter, an aspiring screenwriter/waitress, a beautiful blonde star of a hit sitcom, and a sleazy talentless musician boyfriend. It's filled with lots of gossip, a kidnapping, a murder, and a group of hopefuls all fighting for fame. No more on that, it's time to write. Have a great day.

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