Monday, October 5, 2009

Writing, Biking and Working Out in Paradise.

Another day of paradise in South Beach. Sometimes I kick myself when I tell myself I want more but I do. Living in South Beach is wonderful in itself but if you're a writer, you want your books published. If you're an actor, you want to act. If you're an artist, you want to exhibit and sell your work. Sure, we live in a tropical paradise and whenever I get the "blahs" I just hop on my bike and go to the beach. Today I'm writing (another freelance job) so I can't complain. The plumber came and fixed my toilet so I can now use my bathroom. I have cleaned my bathroom floor four times in two days but I now have a working toilet so I'm happy. I watched Mad Men last night and I'm so glad my life isn't like theirs. They all seem like robots walking around in someone else's clothes. Desperate Housewives used to seem fun and crazy but now it's all drama, trauma, and complicated relationships. No wonder I gave up watching TV. I do like the new show GLEE, which is a total fantasy with singing and production numbers. I've always wanted a life that was underscored and had big production numbers. So I went back to reading one of the books by an author that's coming to the Miami Book Fair this year. The book is called Whispers from the Bay by John Tkac. It's about a young boy and his ability to converse with dolphins through his mind. It's a Young Adult novel and it's actually quite interesting and set in Miami. These books give me inspiration to write more and if I only had more time (and didn't have to work) I'd read and write all day. So many stories but so little time to put them all down on paper.

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