Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy to Be Home

I just returned from 10 days of housesitting and I'm SO glad to be home. I thought it was going to be a mini-vacation but it was no holiday as I had to walk the dog (which I love) 4 times a day and brush the cats (which I love). The cats loved going outside so I also had to wait until they came back in before I left the house. The hard part of the 10 days was that I had no computer. Whenever I needed to check emails or finish a writing assignment for a deadline (and I had several) I had to bike back home and write but also keep my eye on the clock for the dog walking schedule. So I was constantly biking back and forth. That's why I haven't written in the blog since last week. I had a busy week on top of my deadlines, walking the dog, as there were two Fashion Weeks going on at the same time. Actually I only covered events for Funkshion Fashion Week which opened at the Setai with Richie Rich's fashion show that ended with Pamela Anderson. The media reception was at Nicole Miller's store and I ran into my friend singer Nicole Henry. Funkshion also had several fashion shows at the Bass Museum of Art which was a nice change. I also went to the opening reception at the Wolfsonian Museum for an exhibit featuring illustrations of vintage cars. It's a bit chilly today and the forecast says it's 66 degrees which is pretty rare for Miami. I know it was freezing last night when I walked the dog. Anyway, I'm home and happy and writing as fast as I can as I have two deadlines to finish. There's no place like home. Photo: Pamela Anderson at the end of Richie Rich's fashion show at the Setai for Funkshion Fashion Week. That's me (in all black with my camera) sitting on the side watching.

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