Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Day, Another Chapter

I can't believe I was up at 8am and fed the 2 cats and dog, walked the dog, and then biked home so I could feed the stray cat and answer emails before my 10 am. anti-gravity class. (Yes, 75 minutes of acting like I'm in training for Cirque du Soleil). Last night I was blessed by Nechung, Oracle of Tibet, with a Tibetian scarf that signifies greetings and blessings (I can use all the blessings I can get). I also woke up at 3 am and ate an entire pint of Coffee Haagen-Daz. It was a frivolous luxury that I bought after being blessed and it must have called to me during the night because I couldn't go back to sleep until I had eaten the entire pint. So today I hope to work it off, burn it off, or whatever. I have to write another chapter (for a book, not my own) for my ghost writing client. It's also the opening of two different Fashion Weeks in Miami but I'll start at Funkshion and hopefully make it to the other one. I won't get depressed (any more than I already am) about the two rejection emails from agents as I still have about 29 other email queries out there. These two rejections were from query letters and I never can understand how an agent can tell if they like a book from just a query letter. I often wonder if my letter really describes my book at all but you have to write a book description and give your credits all in one page. I think the book speaks better for itself, but I have to get the book in front of them. Hopefully my agent in L.A. will sell the book and I can forget about all those other agent queries. I'm just so impatient but I'd hoped to have SOUTH BEACH STAR published by now. I'm trying to forget about it and concentrate on my next book LAUREL AVENUE but I've been working on so many freelance jobs (gotta pay the rent) that I've had little time to work on it. Can't complain (hope I haven't been) as I've been blessed and it's another beautiful day.

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