Monday, September 21, 2009

Yet Another Chapter, Not My Own

I'm back on track writing again, however, I'm whipping out chapters for a book that's not my own. It's for my ghost writing client and although I'm very happy to be doing the work (it's like being paid to take a writing class with weekly deadlines), I'll freak out if her book gets published before mine. Of course I'll be very happy for her and will feel very proud since I did most of the writing however my name won't be anywhere on the book. Since I've not heard from my L.A. agent in a while, although I talked to a friend of his who said he's in New York, I've begun the agent query process again. It's a horrible process (in my opinion) as the agent (for the most part) must consider the worth of your book from a one page query letter (and sometimes 5-10 pages of your manuscript). That's how it's done, so I'm back at it with a revised (somewhat) query letter. There are so many agents and I've just begun emailing them. I hope I get a response from those who accept email queries as I hate using the U.S. Postal Service. One year my mother and sister both sent me Christmas cards (with money) on the same day. I received my mother's card before Christmas but a week after Christmas I had still not received my sister's. Somehow I felt that she didn't believe me and kept saying "mom and I both mailed the cards at the same time in the same mail box." I never received the card. About a month after Christmas, the card was returned to her. Apparently she had written the wrong zip code or something which kept the card in limbo for such a long time. After the card was returned to her, she finally believed me (you know how sisters can be) but did not resend it. (I could have used that money.) That's just one reason why I don't trust the U.S. Postal Service (Now I always ask for tracking if I mail anything.). Anyway, I'm back to writing and was very inspired by the writers who won Emmys on last night's Emmy Awards (which was the best Emmys that I can remember). Here's to Monday and to getting SOUTH BEACH STAR published.

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