Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miami Book Fair

I'm excited to be covering the Miami Book Fair again this year. As always, there's quite a range of authors coming, from Iggy Pop (The Stooges) to Ralph Nader (Only the Super Rich Can Save Us). I'm very glad that Miami author Edna Buchanan (who covered the crime beat for the Miami Herald forever) is returning to talk about her book The Corpse Had A Familiar Face Legally Dead. This year I'm covering it for Miami Art Zine and since I worked as a media escort volunteer for the past couple of years, I'm personalizing the feature and giving behind the scenes insights on working in the authors' lounge and what it's like to be a volunteer working with the media and authors instead of just being part of the media. Not only do I enjoy working with the authors and seeing all the behind the scenes action but because I'm actually covering the fair again, I'll get lots of press copies of books. I turned in my list of books yesterday and received my first book delivery today. And, of course, one never knows who you might meet that could lead to come connection regarding my novels. So, I must cut this short as I need to finish another chapter (for my ghost writing gig) for tomorrow and start working on another feature, then it's off to the gym for an Abs class (yes, I'm addicted to gym classes now).

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