Tuesday, September 29, 2009

South Beach: A Beautiful Crime Scene

Happy Day! I heard from my agent in L.A. who received the revised manuscript of my novel SOUTH BEACH STAR. Apparently he's going to be taking it to New York and trying to get it sold. While there's a big smile on my face, I've learned not to jump up and down with joy until the deal is made. But it's a step in the right direction. Today I continue to research Miami Beach pioneers and icons, some with credits and some just players, but it's a job. I'm sore from my class at the gym last night because I used heavier weights. I want to get a better body but I hate being sore. I know about the "no pain, no gain" slogan but the pain isn't pleasant. Why didn't I do this ten years ago? There's one class I took (for the butt and legs) that had me so sore (for two days) I could barely walk. I thought my legs were in pretty good shape because I bike everywhere but apparently not. I have not returned to that class, even though I obviously need it. Because I was watching too much junk, I've sworn off television again (I only watch movies from Netflix) but I've been cheating by watching my favorite shows (and a few new ones) on my computer. Two of my favorite shows are CASTLE (about a wealthy crime novelist) and GLEE (about a high school glee club). I'll watch anything with a little intrigue, crime, detective story or supernatural hook). I also love FRINGE (very strange but awesome). I know, I should be writing but I look at it as inspiration. Okay, I'm back to writing but it's hard with the new season of shows starting again. Write a little, watch a little, write a little, work out a little, and eat a lot. Another beautiful day in South Beach.

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