Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dreaming and Depressed

Lately I've been waking up, several times during the night, and remembering my dreams. Most are strange but not so unusual that I couldn't imagine really living them. In fact, some of the dreams almost seem like parts of my life in dream form but with different cast members. I always wake up at a point that seems odd or very strange and I always think, why am I dreaming something like that. I used to have such spectacular dreams. I guess my dreams are now low-budget or maybe I never wake up during the great big-budget dreams. Today was a totally grey and dreary day in South Beach. Overcast all day with occasional showers but I made my rounds on the bike down Ocean Drive. Tonight, my usual night off at the gym, I have to go to the gym since I flaked out last night. Yes, it was the "blahs." I have to shake the "blahs" (my name for the blues). The dreary day hasn't helped but I've got to shake it off. Worked on the South Beach listings this morning (researching icons and pioneers), started a new chapter for my ghost writing client and did more research for the Miami Book Fair feature. Finished reading Dexter By Design (so now I have to read the first three books in the series). I have to get this freelance work out of the way so I can spend more time on my second novel LAUREL AVENUE, which I been neglecting. I need a writer's grant or it would be great to win the lottery (but I don't play so I won't win). Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I just have the "blahs."

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