Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Still Living and Writing

Today I'm working on a freelance writing job but it's the part of writing I hate. Research. Actually I'm working on listings of people who live and work in South Beach. Some have interesting credits while some have none at all. Each person must have a separate file so it's quite tedious work but it's a job. I'm not complaining (even though it might sound that way). Some of the people that I have researched have been South Beach pioneers (so to speak) and their backgrounds have been quite interesting. I'm always fascinated by South Beach history. I'm still reading DEXTER BY DESIGN (number four of the Dexter book series) which is set in Miami. I enjoy reading books that are set here and love finding descrepancies like the fact that Dexter commented that there isn't anywhere on South Beach to get doughnuts. I guess Dunkin' Donuts on Alton Road doesn't count or the new Krispy Kreme stations in all the WalGreens. I keep getting books delivered every day from authors participating in this year's Miami Book Fair (definitely not a complaint). I'm amazed and happy that there are so many Florida authors that have new books and will be at the Fair. Yesterday I printed out a new copy of SOUTH BEACH STAR since I sent my last copy to my agent (and I use that word loosely) in L.A. I feel it's good to have a printed copy around in case I get struck by lightning or hit by a car. Then it might still get published posthumously. Not to look on the dark side of life but I want that book published whether I'm still living or not. With that said, I'm going to take a bike ride before it rains and celebrate the fact that I'm still living.

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