Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reality Show Star or Writer?

I currently reading DEXTER BY DESIGN by Jeff Lindsay, it's the fourth book in the Dexter series. Being a crazed fan of the DEXTER television series on Showtime, I was thrilled to discover that he's coming to the Miaimi Book Fair this year, which I'm covering for Miami ArtZine. I can barely put the book down and now want to read the first three of the series. It's writers who produce books like his, not necessarily about murderers, that inspire me to keep writing and pitching. After I fed the stray cat that comes to my back door daily and made my morning coffee, I began another episode of sending queries to agents even though my revised edition of SOUTH BEACH STAR is in the hands of an agent in Los Angeles who not only told me he loves the book but feels he can place it with a publisher. So, why am I still quering agents? I know agents are busy but I haven't heard from him in a while and don't have a signed contract so I've been told (by friends and other authors) that I should still keep searching. So on this this lovely Sunday morning, I have queried four more agents that I feel would make ideal agents for SOUTH BEACH STAR. Now that's done, I need to spend a few hours on one of my freelance jobs so I can pay my bills. I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to star in a reality series in order to get noticed. How about Writers of South Beach (now that would be a real survivor reality show)?

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