Saturday, September 26, 2009

Internet Hell Has Reps In the Phillippines

I lost my internet service for two days and realized that I've become a slave to the internet. Without internet service I felt like I was less than human and wasn't connected to the rest of the world. On the first day the AT&T recording told me there was a local outage that was being fixed but there was no time available as to when it would be fixed. The next day the recording said that the service would be back up after 7 pm, which meant I would have already endured two days without internet service. The first day I thought I best just stay in bed (how could I function without Twitter, Email, Facebook, Google?) but started reading the books I've been receiving for covering the Miami Book Fair (including the new book in the Dexter series Dexter by Design). The second day I had to go to a friend's house to check my emails and found I had urgent emails from the day before and an interview that I had missed. That night I came home from the gym looking forward to the internet being on again. It wasn't. I called the service number and I was on the phone with an AT&T rep from the Phillippines for nearly two hours trying to reconfigure my modem and reconnect me online. Luckily I had a new modem (I keep everything) so I was able to hook up a new modem and we reconfigured everything with a new email and a new password. It was a crazy and nerve-frazzling experience, especially since he had an accent that made understanding him a bit difficult and he kept putting me on hold for long periods. Anyway, I'm back online and I've kissed my modem and my computer repeatedly. I feel like I'm back in touch with the world but now I don't care. I just want to go sit in my bed and read all the new books I'm getting delivered every day. Some of the books include the stooges (Iggy Pop), Whispers from the Bay, The Cracker Kitchen, AMERICA: The Owner's Manual by Senator Bob Graham, Miami Babylon, The Last War, and Sweet Mary (about a woman wrongly accused of being a cocaine trafficer).

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