Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Praise, Rejection, More Writing, and A Photo Shoot

I spent my morning writing another chapter (ghost writing gig) and then later meeting with my client. It was a crazy day. It was one of those bittersweet days. Ever have a day when someone tells you that they love you and you're great but they can't be with you? What am I talking about? I haven't heard from my so-called literary agent in L.A. so I've been sending out queries and recently got a request for the entire manuscript of SOUTH BEACH STAR. Today I received the most glowing rejection email that I've ever received from an agent. Most of the time it's just a form letter or a few words about how the agent wishes you luck but the book isn't right for them. I have to share some of this letter with you..
"Thank you for letting me consider South Beach Star. You are clearly a talented writer - there is much to be admired in these pages. Your story is exciting and your writing is truly unique.
I am sorry to disappoint you, and to pass on a writer who is so clearly talented. Others will surely feel differently and I certainly wish you the best of luck in finding the right agent and publisher."
I understand how most literary agents are very busy and have stacks of queries and manuscripts to read but this agent to the time to give me a bit of praise. He also added a few lines about today's crowded marketplace and how difficult it is for new authors to be placed with a major trade publisher. Yes, times are tough but I must thank this agent, even though he passed on my book, he took the time to make me feel good about myself and my book.
My time and the right agent will come.
Tonight I'm off to a photo shoot where the diva Elaine Lancaster is Center of the Universe. Elaine and the 50 people that she feels are closest to her are being photographed by Miami photographer Howard Austin Feld and the results will be exhibited during Art Basel Miami Beach this December.
What a great day.

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