Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Day, Another Chapter

Since my meeting with my ghost writing client was rescheduled for today, I'm going to continue working on the chapter and write another ending. I'm glad I have more time to work on it as I rushed before the chapter needs more drama. So my day includes writing (a chapter for a book, not my own), distributing South Beach maps, and ending with my Guns (arms) class at the gym. Last night I attended a wonderful birthday party of a friend on Allison Island. Maryel Epps sang before the dinner, which was incredible. I had a great time and Maryel sang again after dinner and many of the guests danced, one woman danced as if it might be her last and danced like a crazy woman. The cake (organic carrot cake) was served and Maryel led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday. I had a giant piece and two to go (my sweet tooth could not be controlled but the cake made a delicious breakfast). My life seems good (why mention credit card bills and other financial woes when the world is in debt) but I still haven't heard from my agent in L.A. so I'm going to continue to query for another agent. I may seem impatient but it's not too much for a little communication from an agent. Right. Have a great day everyone. I must get back to writing (that chapter for a book, not my own). Photo: Here's another shot from the old days when I traveled the night, barely seeing the light of day, with my friend and very talented artist Anastasia.

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