Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writing and Riding as Fast As I Can

Yesterday was one of those busy days where I barely had time to breathe. But it was a wonderful day. Woke up early (7:30 am which is early for me) and started writing as I had a chapter to finish before meeting with my client (ghost writing gig) at 2 pm. My shoulder was sore (who knows why, the gym, long hours at the computer or carrying a heavy shoulder bag) but wonder of wonders, I had a masseur coming over at 11 am who had offered me a massage (I'm in the massage exchage program as I also do massages but am not licensed in Florida). At 11 am he arrived, we chatted as he set up his table and I had a wonderful and much needed massage. After he left I go back to the computer and rush to finish the chapter for my client. I biked to our appointment and made it there exactly at 2 pm (I'm very punctual) and she hadn't even arrived yet. At five past two, I called her knowing that she would have called if she was going to be late. She explained that she had completely forgotten about our meeting because her son was sick. We rescheduled for Friday. What could I do? Just go on with my day, and I did. I biked home and loaded up maps for my map distribution job (I deliver Andrew Delaplaine's South Beach Maps for extra money). I delived maps up and down Lincoln Rd (the clock tower said it was 89 degrees but it felt hotter) and was treated to a blueberry sorbet (a delicious way to forget about the heat) by the owner of The Frieze. After finishing Lincoln Rd. I biked home and returned emails, found another replacement photo for the Where Magazine's Performing Arts feature to email the editor, then quickly showered and changed clothes just in time to be picked up by Brigitte (The Adventures of Bibi & Friends) to go to the kick-off party for the 26th Annual Miami Book Fair International downtown. We schmoozed with Book Fair publicist Lisa Paley and Where Magazine editor Irene Moore and had pizza (delish) before we had to rush off (rushing again) to Brigitte's weekly Chef Table event at the Nash Hotel's new Italian restaurant. There we ate at the bar so we could watch the finale of America's Got Talent. The food was very tasty and I was happy that Kevin Skinner won the million dollars. Since the restaurant is only a couple of blocks from where I live, I walked home to find police cars in front of my building (again). Apparently there was another fight (don't ask) in the apartment a couple of doors from mine. I walked past and saw the police talking to the tenants. Inside my apartment I was too tired to even write in my blog as I had not had time to make an entry but put in the DVD of The Wire (watching through Netflix) and it made me think of the scene in my building (even though I don't live in the projects). That was my day. Today I'm writing another chapter, back to distributing more maps on my bike and going to a friends birthday party. Rush, run, write, write, bike, walk, and smile. Another day in South Beach. Thought I'd try to scan an old column (What's Up from 1988) and let you enjoy the old days once again.

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