Friday, June 17, 2011

Meet Kidd

Meet Kidd, white hair just like the main character in South Beach Star, the new male in my life. Found him on craigslist. Odd thing is that he looks exactly like the cat I lost. I posted signs in the neighborhood and someone called telling me that he had been run over. When I saw photos of this kitten I couldn't believe it. He looks exactly like my old cat. How many white cats with striped tails could there be? When he was delivered this morning I was still baffled. He looked like a replica of my old cat however this cat was obviously much younger. The markings are identical. He spent the morning wandering through my apartment screaming as if he was looking for something. It was so odd as he acted like my old cat. He even started playing with a hanging string that I had rigged up for the other cat. He started playing with it was part of his routine. Sure all cats do that but it seemed odd. This cat demands more attention than the other cat. He sleeps at my feet or in my lap. Now he's sleeping and he owns me. It's nice to have a cat again. Photo: Kidd with my computer mouse.

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