Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Those Were The Nights

Since South Beach Star is the story of a South Beach nightlife writer, several of his columns are printed between the chapters to move the story along. These columns are a bit of fact and fiction, mixing the fictional characters into real events with real people that were taken from my What's Up? column in Wire written during that period.
Excerpt from Kidd's Column in South Beach Star:
JOEY ARIAS OR BILLIE HOLIDAY: LINCOLN became a late-night cabaret the other night as drag performer Joey Arias took center stage on top of the bar and sang her heart out. This diva doesn't lip-sync but actually channels the voice of the late Billie Holiday. The crowd was wowed and included model legend Lauren Hutton, Crispy Soloperto, Greg & Nicole Bilu Brier, Deigby Liebovitz (SWIRL), promoter Mary D., Andrew Delaplaine (WIRE), designer George Tamsitt, writer David Leddick (My Worst Date), Lawrence Freely (owner of LINCOLN), promoter Mykel Stevens and drag divas Taffy Lynn, Bridget Buttercup, Shelly Novak, Sexcilla and Daisy Deadpetals.
GROOVE JET CELEBRATES: Greg & Nicole Bilu Brier, owners of Groove Jet, celebrated the two-year anniversary with an invitation-only party. The VIP Lounge was packed like a New York subway at rush hour. The only difference being that this crowd was more attractive (every third person was a model) and had cocktails. Among those that braved the crowd were....

of course there's more but you'll have to read the book.

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