Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Animated Version of Cubby

Last night after finishing the last feature on (Taye Diggs interview), I rushed to the New World Center to see Fantasia on the big screen. Fantasia was the perfect film to screen on the New World Center wall as it featured a conductor speaking about the music that we would be hearing who also explained the visuals (which were wonderful). Afterwards I wondered over to Dan Sehres' Bar 721 where Brigitte Andrade was having a party for her newest addition of The Adventures of Bibi & Friends comic guide series. The book (I'm the editor) is filled with animated images of real people like Dan, Elaine Lancaster, Andy Cohen (Bravo), Charlie Cinnamon, Char Libov, Andrew Delaplaine, Maryel Epps, Joey Mugica, Mayor Matti Bower, Vice-Mayer Michael Gongora, George Neary, and Cindy Brown to name a few. Many of those named were at the party to autograph the book. I happen to be on the cover and had fun signing books (practice for autographing other books in the future...I hope). Hopefully today we'll finish the final design of the South Beach Star cover.

Image: Cubby as an animated character. Note the South Beach Star t-shirt.

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