Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Nice Swim

It was a beautiful day in Miami. I spent the afternoon swimming in the heated pool of the W Hotel. After a glorious swim I walked outside to discover that my bicycle had been stolen. That makes 19 bikes that I've had stolen in my 15 years living in South Beach. I thought it could be a record but friends told me that it's normal for South Beach. Bikes come and go. So I finished my day as if having a bike stolen was a normal occurence. And to some of us it is. I walked to the gym, fortunately it's only three blocks from where I live, and took two classes back to back. I went home to do some work and the cat, one that I had thought was sick or possibly poisoned, returned to my back door as if nothing was wrong. I had been afraid that he had gone off to die but he's back. All in all it was a good day. Bikes come and go but the cat came home and I did have a nice swim.

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