Monday, March 1, 2010

South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Yesterday I spent the afternoon eating. This was not a meal but a whole afternoon of eating. Of course I was strolling the big tents of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival going from one restaurant or vendor stand to another. It was a bit chilly but inside the tents but inside the tents the temperature was ideal for stuffing your face. Chicken, shrimp, fish, gaspacho, gelato, ice cream, cupcakes, chocolate, scones, guacamole, creme brulee, vegtable medley, french fries, and more cupcakes. I ate like it was my last meal but did not have one glass of wine. I've made that mistake before. I had to write later and didn't want to stumble home just to fall into bed. As usual, the tents were packed with foodies pushing their way to the front of the lines (especially the cupcake line) and walking more unsteadily as the day passed. I filled my gift bag with magazines, chocolate, and other freebies (such as cupcakes). I was so full at the end of the afternoon that I didn't even have dinner. As always, it was a wonderful showcase of Miami restaurants. It also was a great showcase for alcoholic beverages but I find alcohol just slows down my ability to push my way to the front of a line. Today I had a cupcake for breakfast. Memories of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival linger and I may even have a cupcake for lunch. The Tasting Village was just one of the many events held during the week for the annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

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