Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Red Bull: Art of the Can

Tonight I went to the opening of Red Bull's art exhibit in a pop-up gallery on the beach (Lummus Park across the street from Mango's). It was a beautiful pop-up space, one that I'd love to live in once the exhibition is through. The art exhibit consisted of a variety of artists who had created art out of Red Bull cans. Some were quite creative making elaborate and beautifully executed pieces of art while one artist crushed the Red Bull can a bit and called it art. South Beach diva Elaine Lancaster hosted the event and was followed into the gallery by a parade of dancing girls and boys with drums just like a carnaval caravan. The room was filled with Red Bull executives, VIPs and the artists that had created the art. The event was catered and delicious food tastings were passed, like miniature chicken quesadillas and giant shrimp. The designer Mychael Knight from Project Runway was on hand as he had designed a series of dresses (all accessorized with Red Bull cans in some way). It was a brilliant marketing campaign for Red Bull who had flown in artists from around the U.S. for the event. Out front was a fleet of Red Bull cars all with a giant can of Red Bull on top. If you're in South Beach, stop by the pop-up gallery in Lummus Park to see the exhibition. It's worth the trip and you might even get wings. Photos: Diva Elaine Lancaster and designer Mychael Knight. Red Bull exhibition included the Red Bull bicycle, foot with wings, skull with snakes and Mychael Knight's Red Bull homage to Lady Gaga.

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