Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Memorial to Gilbert Stafford

This is my written memorial to Gilbert Stafford since I can't attend the memorial service tonight. Gilbert and I both shared January 20th as a birthday but we shared much more. He touched my heart and became a friend the first time that I met him. Through the years wherever he was, he remained a good friend. There was no kinder person than Gilbert and he seemed wise beyond his years. Gilbert knew how to sieze the day and capture each night as his own but he always shared. Gilbert either loved you as a friend or had no time for you. He made me feel special when ever I was with him. We were soul brothers and I will truly miss him. I have just taken a new job and must work tonight so I cannot attend the memorial service at Mynt. It saddens me that I cannot be with friends celebrating his life.
When I first moved to the beach many many years ago, I was staying at a cheap hotel on Collins Avenue. I was sitting on the front deck writing in my journal and saw a handsome black man walk by in a sarong. That man had such a presence about him, I knew that that person had to be someone important. About a month later I met that man. It was Gilbert Stafford and indeed he was someone important. He became very important to me and indeed he was important to many. Gilbert Stafford touched my life and I'll remember him always. I will never stop celebrating his birthday with mine. Happy Birthday Gilbert.


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