Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Goes On

It's the day after my birthday but I don't feel any older. In fact I always seem to feel much younger than that reflection that I see in the mirror. Sometimes I think I'm too hard on myself. I'm always trying to do more when maybe I should just enjoy but then maybe I should be doing more. Now I'm going through yet another new phase in my ever changing life. I've taken a job as a night manager at a restaurant (PROOF OCEAN DRIVE) while I'm waiting for my book to be published. (It's a wonderful restaurant and the food is delicious.) Writing isn't as profitable these days and the publications that I've been writing for have cut their budgets. Hopefully this new job will give me some financial security so I'll be able to concentrate on my writing and not worry so much about paying bills. I was working on so many different freelance jobs that I barely had time to do laundry yet I was just making enough to pay my bills. Not the way I want to live at this point in my life. Now I need to concentrate on getting SOUTH BEACH STAR published and finish my second novel LAUREL AVENUE. In conclusion I must say life is good and today I'm working on finishing the second cake that my mom sent me in the mail.

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