Sunday, November 29, 2009

White Party Was Great Fun

The 25th Anniversary of White Party at Vizcaya was great fun. I spent most of the night in the VIP lounge with Elaine Lancaster. She performed at 9 pm and was fabulous. At 10 pm we went outside and watched the legendary group EXPOSE perform. Among those I saw at White Party included Mayor Mattie Bower, Commissioner Michael Gongora, artist Romero Britto, Elaine Lancaster, Frankie Canas, Kristine W, Flavio, George Neary, Kitty Meow, Harvey Burstein, Liza Santana, Richard Trainer, China Girl and hundreds more. Here are some photos from last night. Photos include guests, Cubby & Frankie, Gansters & Henrietta, EXPOSE, Frankie & Kitty Meow, Elaine Lancaster and Kristine W and a shot of the dance floor.

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