Sunday, October 11, 2009

Away from Home

Just a brief visit home to check on things and to let my computer know I haven't disappeared. I'm staying at a friend's house for 10 days while she's in the South of France. It's sort of like a vacation with pets. I get to feed her 2 cats and 1 small dog. I also get to walk little Syd (the dog) a coupld of times a day. This morning I walked the sweet little dog, it's such a tiny thing, and she gave out and just laid down. I picked her up and carried her back home. I felt so sorry for her anyway as she has such short little legs. The cat slept with me last night. The dog did too until I crashed my head and then she went running and slept on the couch. The place is surrounded by green and I feel like I'm staying in the country. She even has a pet mosquito and fly (who buzzed around my ear this morning waking me up). I won't get as much writing done while I'm away but I will come back to visit my computer to finish my writing deadlines. I'm reading Miami Babylon now and can't wait until I get to the good part where all the people I know are exposed for their scandalous deads. Hopefully the stray cat found breakfast somewhere else because she wasn't at my door when I came home. Happy Sunday, it's very hot and I'm going to try to convince myself to go to the beach.

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