Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Writing but First Some Old Nightlife Photos

Today I should be doing my personal chores like the dishes and laundry but I have a chapter deadline (freelance ghost- writing gig), a feature deadline for Where Magazine on Tuesday, and would love to do some work on my new book LAUREL AVENUE. Of course I also have to hit the streets and help my friend Andrew Delaplaine get out his South Beach Maps (another freelance gig). So many projects to do, but I must prioritize and someday I'll even find time to reorganize my closets as I desperately need more space. There's so much stuff that I've collected (I've two big boxes of things from gift bags) so I really have to sift through the mess, but alas, it's writing first. But before I get down to writing, I thought I'd share a few more old nightlife photos (one closet is half filled with old photos and negatives...but that's another project).
1. Digby and staff of SWIRL posing for cover of Wire because SWIRL is closing.
2. The very fabulous singer Cyndi Lauper performing at Salvation (now an Office Depot).
3. The infamous Ingrid Casares and Miami's own news anchor Belkys Nerey.

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