Friday, August 28, 2009

Worn Out by Parties Past & Present

Last night Elaine Lancaster celebrated a birthday with a giant celebration. The main room at SCORE was transformed into HOTEL LANCASTER with the bartenders dressed as bellmen. There were Elaine Lancaster art and photos everywhere. Elaine started the night off by DJing before handing the turntables over to DJ Pride. Everyone danced and there were a mob of photographers documenting Elaine's every move. It was fun watching guests trying to jump into the photo and if they didn't succeed they just handed their own cameras to someone so they'd get their photo fix. Among those seen at this event were Roy & Lea Black, Brigitte Andrade and her man Valter Romeo, Michael Gongora, Flavio Nisti, photographer Dale Stine, publicist Brigitte Grosjean, Merle & Danny Weiss, promoter Omar Gonzalez, Frankie Canas, Ricky Salazar, artist Aaron Von Powell (who decorated the club with some Elaine art), Beau Beasley, promoter Mykel Stevens, Dan Sehres (owner of New Concept Video), Adora, artist David Rohn, Miami Herald columnist Lydia Martin, Frank Navarro, Nick D'Annunzio, swimsuit designer Red Carter, Samantha Perez, Thomas Barker (Wire), promoter Michael Stanley, Rudy Rafuls, Jason Clarke, and thousands of others. The beautiful HOTEL LANCASTER birthday cake by Ana Paz was not cut but I'm still hoping for a piece. It was a great birthday celebration and reminded me of the old days of South Beach. Of course I had to wake up and work, which included more research into my old Wire columns which was like going to hundred parties all over again. Now I need a nap.


Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU....Always & Forever.

Dale said...

great article....what a wonderful fete it was..