Thursday, August 27, 2009


Excerpt from one of my columns in Wire circa 1996.
EVENT OF THE WEEK: Back Door Bamby opens at KGB this Thursday night with hot promoter Mykel Stevens (now sporting a shaved head) at the helm. His new feisty sidekick is the fabulous artist Attila Lakatoush (whose team does he really play for?) who has promised us a series of exciting Thursday nights. Can you say Debbie Harry with a whip? Have you ever experienced public bondage with an open-bar? Do you enjoy watching drag queens mud-wrestling while lip-syncing to Madonna? It'll be another night of beautiful people (they pose and smile while the rest of us talk about them) with assorted hipsters and maybe a few drug dealers. A Thursday night at KGB could be your shot of Tequila and I'll be there taking photos. Entrance to Back Door Bamby is not in the back.
TREND OF THE MOMENT: Sex instead of a resume.

Now those were the days. I'm been going through old Wire newspapers for research and have run across names and faces (of people I photographed) that I don't remember meeting.

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