Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspired by Neverland

Fascinated with the magical and unusual, five-year-old Cubby packed a suitcase (a converted record player case) and tried to run away to join the circus. His mother followed him so he only made it a few blocks. Armed with a severe fantasy life, Cubby forged through life believing in fairies (don't ask), angels, magic, and happy endings. If it was up to him, Cubby would have chosen a job as Peter Pan's sidekick so he could live a life filled with adventures and never grow old. In 1995, James Cubby landed in Neverland, not the same one where Peter Pan lives, however, one filled with fairies (don't ask), lost boys, pirates, fairy dust and lots of adventures. It is that special time in South Beach that was the inspiration for SOUTH BEACH STAR.

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