Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The pen is mightier than the sword.

Today in my writer's workshop I'm learning to cut, not edit but cut. When you're promoting a book it has to be described in one short sentence called a log line. Here is my new log line that describes my novel MOB TREASURE: 

Novice writer follows his mafia grandfather's book of clues to hidden fortune but despite the dangers, he finds treasure more valuable than money.

This was a week long process of writing a two-page synopsis, then a one-page synopsis, then a short synopsis, ant then a one-sentence log line. My first attempt at a log line was too long but like many writers, I wanted to include everything in that one sentence. 

First attempt: 
An inexperienced young writer who happens to be Mob royalty, receives a book of clues to a hidden fortune from his deceased Mob Boss grandfather, so he heads to Miami Beach where he falls in love, gets threatened and kidnapped by mobsters, and meets an unsavory crew that help him find a hidden treasure - more valuable than money. 

Comments appreciated. Many thanks. 

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