Friday, August 8, 2014


Brickell seems to the breeding ground for a crop of new eateries that are popping up faster than you can find a parking space. Finding a parking space and maneuvering through the frenetic traffic of the Brickell area may be a problem but sometimes a new venue makes it all worthwhile. While I’ve never been a fan of German eateries so to speak, especially since sausages seem to be the main fare. Prost Wurstgrill & Bierhouse, a new offering from the German group who organized the 2012 Oktoberfest at the Miami Circle, has finally opened to the public after enjoying a round of success from the pre-opening World Cup crowds.

Chef Phil Bryant, formerly with Swine Southern Table & Bar, co-hosted the evening and created the menu for the event. Not necessarily a fan of sausage, as I’m a borderline vegetarian, the promise of sausages and such didn’t really thrill but I was pleasantly surprised by the treats that were served that evening. Lots of fish, pork, and chicken, yes, they had a chicken sausage. The General manager explained that you can stuff almost anything into a sausage and they make all the sausages on the premises.

The cocktail of the evening was something called a Hugo, known as “the German Mojito.” This was a tasty and refreshing cocktail made from champagne, mint and elderberry. I enjoyed it so much I turned down the German beer when offered. I was surprised at the variety of sausages offered that I enjoyed, not being a red meat eater I thoroughly the samplings that included: chicken, duck chorizo, venison, and cod & potato (my favorite). They also passed around flatbread covered with sweet peppers, cabbage, onion confit, appenzeller cheese, and a bit of olive oil. My taste buds were jumping and I was enjoying everything offered. Most of my friends know I’m a big fan of desserts so of course I wondered what type of dessert would they be offering. I asked if we would be having a strudel and my guess was correct. When the strudel was served I had no idea it would be served Cuban style, as an apple strudel hand pie that looked like a miniature empanada filled with apple strudel filling and covered with a ginger infused condensed milk glaze.

Prost offers a friendly atmosphere and I’ll bet it’s packed for lunch. The menu is perfect for a quick lunch or even for light tastings for those who enjoy their German beer and ales. If you’re in the neighborhood drop by and sample the menu. Prost is a modern version of a German bar, like what you’d find in Berlin today. Prost Wurstgrill & Bierhouse, 1036 South Miami Ave, Brickell. 786-362-5644 or

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