Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back To Work

 Football players with an eager fan
Finally I'm back to the grindstone and getting some work done. My holidays were filled with parties and dinners. (Boy did I eat.) Not only did I overindulge but I've also been taking a break from the gym. (I know, I'm going to pay for that.) I did return to working on my second novel, Catch A Falling Star, (finishing it is one of my resolutions) but for the most part I've been having fun. Movies, theater, and other fun events. Yes, one of my resolutions was to enjoy life more. Anther resolution is to be a better friend..., which I'm working on (sometimes I get so wrapped up in my work and what I have to do I don't reach out to friends except to go to events). I just recently saw Mary Poppins, the stage musical version by Disney, which was a wonderful production at the Arsht Center. The show reaffirmed the fact that I should be having fun but of course having fun doesn't pay the bills. So, I'm back working on travel guides (New York, Miami, Washington DC) and the new music issue for Where South Florida. (I just did an interview with Tito Puente Jr.) I've also been hired to write letters to politicians from a political activist (and I'm not political at all...at least not enough to write letters like I'm being hired to write). 

This past weekend I spent two days on the beach (South Beach) for the BSC Football weekend mingling with sports fans (Notre Dame and Alabama). While I am not a supporter of either team I had great fun playing games, sliding down the zip rope, answering surveys for free swag and mostly hanging out at the Florida Lottery booth were I won cash and collected t-shirts, caps, bags, a beach chair, a beach towel and other assorted fun things. On Sunday friends arrived and pulled me from by place in front of the stage at the Florida Lottery booth and we headed for the concert on the beach (Flo Rida). There were thousands of people on the sand. I had never seen so many people there for a concert and I've been to many concerts on the beach. It was amazing (and without the aid of a giant video screen we wouldn't have been able to even see DJ Irie (who opened for Flo Rida) and the performers. It was fun and chaotic. Anyway, I'm back at work, writing, organizing, researching, and (as always) searching for more work. So, here's to another great year. While I'm excited about everything I'm writing about I'm excited to see another new Cirque du Soleil show (this Thursday). It's Totem. Check out my blog for coverage. Now it’s back to work. Thanks for reading. 
PS Alabama won the game. 

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