Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perez Hilton & James Cubby Promote Books

I joined Perez Hilton at the Eden Roc Hotel last night for a little book promotion. Perez was there to sign his new children's book The Boy With Pink Hair and I worked the room promoting my book, South Beach Star. Should I have called my book The Writer With White Hair since the main character in my book bleaches his hair white? No, I'll save that for the children's book but I've decided to make the main character a cat. Yes, I am working on a children's book along with the other novels. Now, back to the Eden Roc event. The media was on hand full force and the crowd quite impressive including the likes of Lea Black (Housewives of Miami) with her husband attorney Roy Black, Marysol Patton (Housewives of Miami), Commissioner Michael Gongora, Emilo Estefan, Ingrid Casares, Daisy Olivera and Katrina Kampins.
Photo by Brigitte Grosjean.

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