Wednesday, May 11, 2011

South Beach Star Cover

I've gotten through my latest computer trauma. Yes, I lost another computer but have since fallen in love with the MAC. I have a MAC loaner and love it. My first computer was a MAC but I've been using a PC for years and hopefully I'm back using a MAC. Tomorrow I work with the designer until we get a cover design that we like. Hopefully it's one that everyone likes so I can get South Beach Star on the shelves. Love to all for your support.
Monday night I went to see Elaine Lancaster's show at Bongo's Cuban Cafe starring Joey Arias. It was a beautiful room and Joey was wonderful. It was like old home week as a lot of the old time nightlife folks were on hand like Mykel Stevens, Attila Lakatoush, Dolly, Ryan York, Gary James, Merle Weiss, and Crispy. The following night Maryel Epps sang at Lords South Beach and afterwards there was the launch of a new VIP Party in the Penthouse honoring Joey Arias. Some familiar faces included James Davis (aka Elaine Lancaster), Jason Clarke, writer Brian Antoni, Nick D'Annunzio, Ricky & David, Lauren Foster, Brian Gorman, and Tom Austin. A different host every week. It was a hot crowd. Make sure you get on the list for this one.

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