Monday, May 2, 2011

Another computer hits the dust

What is it with me and computers? I think I've just blown another computer. When I tried turning it on it made a popping noise and then I smelled smoke. It didn't turn on. The computer guy comes Wednesday. Now I'm using a loaner. I haven't been on the computer since Saturday since my computer was acting up and the computer guy was coming this morning. Now it's not a rush. I'm still answering emails and trying to reorganize myself so I can start uploading content on miamiartzine. Of course I don't have any of my files and hopefully I haven't lost my photos again. My stuff is backed up but it's all a pain. Just when everything is going okay something always happens. Another day, another problem to solve. That's life. Hope no one else is having computer problems like I am.
Thanks for all the comments regarding the South Beach Star cover. I'll have to put that on hole until my computer situation is resolved.
Have a great day.

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