Tuesday, April 19, 2011

South Beach Star: A Night to Fall In Love

The publishing of my novel, South Beach Star, is becoming a reality. Now we're working on choosing a cover photo and design for South Beach Star. I have several people reading the gallies to give me quotes to put on the back cover. It's exciting to think it will finally be printed. I had issues with my computer today and couldn't even open Word to do any work. I needed a break anyway. I have an appointment with the computer doctor at 9 a.m. tomorrow so hopefully everything will be fixed. Yes, I am a slave to my computer.

In South Beach Star, the main character, Kidd, is a nightlife writer and there are several of his columns printed in the book. The columns are fictional but there are real places and names mentioned to give it a more sense of reality. Here is an exerpt from one such column.

ROMANCE AT KREMLIN: It was a night to fall in love...and I did, several times. KREMLIN, the fabulous Lincoln Road gay club known for its hot-hot male dancers, was decked out with a romantic celluloid theme and filled with lots of men ready to be romantic-at least for a night. DJ David Knapp kept the music pumping for the shirtless dancing men who were already pumped. The "if I was any closer I'd be on the other side of you crowd" included legendary South Beach icon Louis Canales, actor Rupert Everett, designer George Tamsitt, the fabulous drag divas Adora (no one has bigger hair), Taffy Lynn, & Damien Devine (no one has bigger lips), Peter Estrada (Kremlin's owner), photographer Jose Antonio, designer Calvin Klein (with an entourage of pretty boys), makeup legend Kevyn Aucoin, socialite Curtis DeWitz, Nikki Haskell (diet queen to the stars), artist Aaron Von Powell, photographer Dimitri, and Rubio & Kidd Madonny (doing an obscene dance under a white veit in the upstairs performance area).

Just a taste of South Beach Star.

Photo: Kremlin bartender Ricardo

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