Saturday, May 8, 2010

What A Gorgeous View

It was a beautiful day even though I spent most of the afternoon inside working on projects for the website The Adventures of Bibi & Friends. Before I stopped by Brigitte's (Bibi's alter ego), I stopped by Funky Sexy Couture to finish interviewing designer Joey Rolon for his bio which will be put up on his new website. I had gone over to Brigitte's thinking that we were going to go down to the pool for a swim (before we started work) so I wore my swimsuit. At 5 p.m. we still were sitting in front of the computers working but a few minutes later I announced that I had finished and it was pool time. I thought it was perhaps too late to enjoy the sun but the rays were as hot as ever and the water in the pool was luxuriously warm. We had a nice swim and a relaxing lay in the sun. At six I rushed home as I had promised I'd make a stop at the Clevelander where my friend Mykel Stevens was having yet another birthday party. The party was up on the roof and the view of the ocean was incredible. My stay was brief (I promised to return for Mykel's weekly Saturday pool party) as I had to bike to the Colony Theatre for a dance performance by the Miami Contemporary Dance Company. The program was very enjoyable especially the opening solo and the finale (Nanna's Pasta Dance) where the Company's Director Ray Sullivan performed the role of Nanna (inspired by his grandmother). It was a wonderful day and the view was gorgeous. I hope I sleep well as I'm up early for my Zero Gravity Weightless experience. More on that tomorrow. Photo: Mark Milner from Miami Contemporary Dance Company.

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