Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've Got It Bad: A Wednesday Night Rant

I'm free again but for how long I have no idea. Not only am I working as an editor for MiamiArtZine but now I'm uploading all the content and photos as well as designing the pages. So, in essence, I'm reallly chained to my computer most of the time as I'm also still writing features for Where Magazines and a bi-monthly column for Wire. When I come up for air, I run to the gym, bike to the beach, or work on the book that I'm editing for a client. Tonight I was supposed to go to one of the MGLFF films but I opted to stay home and watch a Cate Blanchett film (Charlotte Gray) on DVD. Next I watched the new episode of Parenthood on Hulu (which I've gotten hooked on). I should plan my day for tomorrow, wash the dishes, clean the closet, throw out dozens of magazines (many unread) but I decide to take this time to write a bit in the blog which I've been neglecting. One of my backdoor cats (that I feed on the sly) is now sleeping on my kitchen rug at night. He was out of sorts for a few days (I thought he had been poisoned) and could barely move so I let him stay inside. Now he wants to stay inside all the time and everytime I open the refrigerator he thinks that I must be getting food for him. If I'm not he gives me a little yell to let me know that I had better not forget him. I'm getting too attached. He not only lets me pet him now but I've discovered he likes it rough, rough petting I mean. When I stop he looks up at me as if to say "don't even think about stopping." I've got it bad and we're not allowed to have pets in my building. I'm now feeding three cats, the mother and two grown up kittens. The mother, now that she's had her new babies-which I haven't seen, comes to my door several times a day for feeding. She's quite affectionate as she rubs my legs and wants to be petted before he eats. I can't wait to see the new kittens but I can't feed any more cats. I give them my food when I'm out of cat food. As I said, I've got it bad.

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