Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Nights Keep Rushing By So Quickly

On Friday night I went to the opening night film for the Miami International Film Festival and the after-part at Freedom Tower. The after-party was packed with film buffs, actors, producers, directors and media types. There were food stations everywhere and lots of booze. On Saturday night I went to see Miami Light Project's Here and Now at the Arsht Center. I saw two different performances of up-and-coming performers. It was an interesting night of theatre. Not quite a Broadway experience like WICKED, which I saw on Thursday night, but it was a good night of theatre. Today, after the gym, I biked around and saw all the shirtless circuit-party boys from Winter Party Festival going to the big Beach Party on Ocean and 12th. I can't remember when Winter Party Festival and the Oscars were on the same night. Tonight I'm going to the Oscar Party at Smith & Wolensky with Elaine Lancaster hosting. And the winner is....
Photo: Graziano Sbraggio and Angel Schmiedt at the opening party for the Miami International Film Festival.

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