Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Days Are Running Together

I'm now so overbooked that I forget to even blog, check out facebook or twitter. Wednesday night I went to the Gen Art Fresh Faces fashion event in Wynwood, last night I went to see Second City at the Arsht Center and tonight I went to the opening of The Villa by Barton G (formerly Casa Casuarina and formerly the Versace Mansion). I came home and sat numbly in front of the computer watching television on, shows that I had missed on regular TV (which I don't watch-can't get hooked on a series). My mind is always on work. Making sure I have all the content for MiamiArtZine. Compiling the Where Magazine Concierge Newsletter and the Wired on the Arts column for Wire. Soon I will have my schedule down so I can have a life again. One that's not so regimented and filled with only work related activities. But I can't complain. Life is good.

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