Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nelly Furtado & Paulina Rubio Give Knockout Concert

Last night I stood for two hours waiting for the Paulina Rubio, Pit Bull and Nelly Furtado Pepsi Jam concert to begin. The stage that was built on the beach at 8th & Ocean was massive and the beach arena was packed. The crowd was friendly and those in the front section were treated to free dinner while they waited. The crowd went wild as Paulina Rubio took the stage. She gave an incredibly energized performance and even though almost every song was in Spanish I enjoyed the show. Next up was the equally charismatic Pit Bull who performed while the rain poured down on the audience and part of the stage. Because of the rain some of the LED lights stopped working but the show continued and Nelly Furtado, wearing sneakers so she wouldn't slip on the wet stage, gave a manificent performance. I was equally amazed at how much she was loved by the audience and watched the crowd sing along with her. It was a great night and worth standing in the rain for. Super Bowl madness has turned South Beach into a giant carnival. It's crazy but fun. Free t-shirts and Tide detergent. Only in South Beach.

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