Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feel the Heat!!

The temperature is rising. Miami is back and so am I. Feeling good except for the fact that now I have to ignore the stray cats. The owner of the building saw that I was feeding the cats who have been hanging out by my door (and scratching it when they're hungry). He told the manager of the building that if I continue to feed the cats I'll be thrown out. I can't live in the streets with the cats so I've stopped feeding them and it kills me but if I feed them they come and hang out by my door. If anyone is interested in two beautiful cats, please let me know.

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Sabrina on Turtle Cove said...

Hi Cubby,
I have the same problem here with all the ducks on Turtle Cove where we live in Atlanta, I feed them anyway :)
They stay on my property and don't bother anyone.
Glad it is warmer in sunny Miami. Maybe we'll see you soon, thinking of coming back down in March :)
Say hello to my sweet baby brother James :) *Hugs* Sabrina
P.S so sorry about the loss of your friend Gilbert.