Thursday, December 3, 2009

Walking for Art

Day 2 of Art Basel but day four with another full schedule of art events. On Tuesday night we started out on the Beach going to art parties at a couple of restaurants but they were duds so we headed downtown to the opening night of Art Miami. Of course we got lost. I always travel with people who have just as bad a sense of direction as I do. I can get lost walking around the block. Anyway, we lost our way to Art Miami but drove past Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, a lovely gallery with a backwards welcome sign in neon, so we stopped hoping someone there could give us directions to Art Miami. The gallery was filled with European art and artists, many who I photographed, so we stayed and had dinner. They had lots of "delish" little treats being passed about (crab cakes, chicken quesedillas, etc.) so we mingled and noshed. We did get directions to Art Miami and it was packed. The art was an eyefull and so were the crowds. Last night we (Harvey and entourage) headed to Vermissage (the opening night of Art Basel) but first stopped at the Cando Arts Coop where we saw the work of many local artists including Sid Daniels, Dena Stewart and Stewart Stewart. Our next stop was Vermissage where the crowd was almost as overwhelming as the art. Lots of gloriously breathtaking art and lots of beautiful and interesting people. There were so many people we decided to leave (I'll go back on Sunday and spend the day so I can really see the art.) for the party at the Bass Museum. I drank so many Cafe Bustelo canned coffees that I was ready to fly. So we flew out of there and went to the Ritz-Carlton for their wonderful Magical Mystery show but we got there too late and it was over. So we walked along the beach walkway back to Collins Park so a bite to eat before Art Performance. Ebony Bones performed at 10pm and she and her outrageous band were incredibly hot and fun. She ended her show with her hit single "Don't Fart on My Heart." My feet were so tired from all the walking but it was worth it for the visual stimulation. And Art Basel continues and tonight it's a walking tour of Wynwood. Photos: Amanda Lepore (exhibited at Art Basel), singer Ebony Bones and Michael Jackson on Horse (exhibited at Art Basel).

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