Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Again?

I can't believe it's Monday already. I just finished the profile on urban impressionist Miguel Paredes for Wire Magazine. Check out my coverage of Art Basel in this week's Wire Magazine on online at Also on Miami Art Zine is my coverage (in photos) of Naomi Wilzig's birthday (she's the owner/curator of the World Erotic Art Museum) at WEAM. On Saturday night I saw the wonderful concert performance of Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell, an incredible singer with a deep baritone voice, at the Knight Center at the Arscht Center of Performing Arts. His credits include Man of La Mancha, South Pacific and Kiss Me Kate (which he won a Tony for). He had the audience on their feet and impressed everyone with his beautiful voice. His voice is so powerful that he sang one song without the aid of a microphone. Not that's quite a feat even in the Knight Center which has incredible acoustics. Yesterday, even though I'm not Jewish, I celebrated Hanukkah at the home of publicist Lisa Paley. What I really did was eat. There was so much food and Lisa kept going "Eat, eat!" So I ate and ate. I even brought home food so I continued to eat and eat. Lisa has a home packed with art and books. She has more cookbooks than most of my friends have books. Yes, I have a lot of friends that don't read. So, it's Monday and I'm up and writing. Then it's off to the gym and an event at QiuSalon in Doral for AXE Hair. Happy Monday.
Photo: Artist Miguel Paredes at his Lincoln Road Gallery.

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