Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas all as I'm off to Virginia

I'm packed and ready to be picked up for my ride to the airport. My plane leaves today at 4 pm but I won't arrive in Virginia until 10 pm. There's a stopover in Philadeplphia so I've packed snacks and writing materials. I can't wait to see my family but I know I won't be ready for the freezing temperatures. I've said goodbye to the stray cats (my friend Brigitte will be feeding them while I'm away) and I hope they'll be ok. I guess it's fitting for someone who lives in a tropical climate to vacation somewhere where the temperatures are below freezing. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. I'll be back in South Beach before the New Year. Looking forward to 2010 as the year my book SOUTH BEACH STAR is published. PHOTO: Stray cats saying goodbye (actually they're waiting for food).

1 comment:

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