Saturday, December 19, 2009

I've Got the Spirit and it's Snowing in Virginia

Last night I went to a wonderful Christmas party on Allison Island and hung out with some great friends. There was a band that played old school Rock N Roll as well as Christmas Carols and we all sang along. The dinner was incredible. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce (homemade), potatoes, salad, and lots of desserts. I broke open a bottle of champagne and toasted. It was definitely an occasion for celebration. This morning I worked on Sobepedia, the website listing South Beach pioneers, which will be up and running for the public real soon. I've finally got the Christmas spirit and I'm looking forward to going home to Virginia for Christmas. Just talked to my mother and they just got 14 inches of snow and may be getting more. It's 28 degrees there so I will be freezing my butt off when I get there because I was freezing here this morning and it was just 65 degrees. Merry Christmas everyone. I think I'm going to take a break and go see Avatar.

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