Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Upside Down But Grounded

Just returned from my anti-gravity class. It's a class that has me hanging upside down and spinning. It always creates a light-headed feeling and gets the blood pumping. Now I have to return to earth and ground myself for another day of writing, research and such. Last night I saw the touring Broadway production of LEGALLY BLONDE that is based on the movie of the same name. It was a wonderful production and after intermission we moved down to the front row and sat center. It was amazing to see the show so close. A new issue of MiamiArtZine has come out with my coverage of Funkshion Fashion Week and next week I start writing for the Wire. This week I'm finishing the feature I'm writing about Art Deco in Miami Beach for the January issue of Where Magazine. Time goes by so quickly and I'm trying to accomplish as much as I can. Sometimes I think I'm trying to do too much and other times I think I'm not doing enough. Am I doing the right things or should I be concentrating on something else? I guess we each have to find our own way and hope we're on the right path. Every day I hope my journey takes me closer to where I need to be. One step at a time.

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