Friday, September 11, 2009


Now that SOUTH BEACH STAR is revised and ready I'm back to working on book number two LAUREL AVENUE, set in West Hollywood. My agent hasn't gotten back to me about the new version of SOUTH BEACH STAR, hey, it's only been one day but I'm impatient. If I don't hear back from him by Monday, maybe I need a new agent. It's time to sell the book already. That means I'll have to write another query letter which I feel never really reflects the book but that's the process. The news reported that over 500 bookstores will close in the United States this year. No wonder authors aren't doing book tours any more.
Here are some more photos from 1996. There's photos of Leslie Quick, Andrew Delaplaine, Kitty Meow, Paloma and artist Linda Faneuf.
Thank God it's Friday. I'm getting a much needed massage which I need after my class at the gym last night.

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