Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The new & revised SOUTH BEACH STAR

I finally finished the new version of SOUTH BEACH STAR with the new WHAT'S HAPPENING? pages (a faux version of my old Wire column WHAT'S UP?). The new pages make the book a bit longer but also show more clearly what the main character was going through, covering endless parties and events every night. The book also now tells the story of a writer who wanted to be a serious journalist but got wrapped up in the whole party scene and had always wanted to be a novelist. It wasn't until he returned to visit South Beach after ten years that he realized that he had his material for his novel. It was his story.
The last page reads:
I knew what I had to do. I walked to my shoulder-bag and took out my lap-top. I sat down and decided to write the story about my adventures in South Beach. Certainly no one would ever believe that it really happened. It was the novel that I had been meaning to write for years. I looked across the room at my reflection. It looked nothing like that blond nightlife writer named Kidd who rode the nights like a wild stallion.
"White hair a la Jean Paul Gaultier was just the touch I needed to strut among the fabulous shallow South Beach royalty and even pass as one myself." It was my time in Neverland and I had to write about it.

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