Wednesday, August 19, 2009

South Beach Nightlife in 1997

Excerpt from my WHAT'S UP? nightlife column published in Wire in 1997.
DUELING EVITAS INVADE 821: The popular Lincoln Road bar 821 celebrated an anniversary with an evening of performances billed as "Dueling Evitas". The "Evitas" included Adora, Paloma, Taffy Lynn and Bridgett Buttercup. I stopped by 821 twice that evening to enjoy the festivities but missed the peformance. On my second visit I ran into Liquid's Jack Benggio with Girlina, in town for a few performances, however not at 821.
DANNY TENAGLIA PUMPS AT GLAM SLAM: My first stop on Halloween night after fighting the costumed crowd on Lincoln Road was PUMP at Glam Slam. I wanted to see the Halloween ceremony for the opening of the doors. The hightlight being Danny Tenaglia coming on stage shirtless, after a brief introduction a spotlight followed him as he walked up the stairs to the DJ booth. I made the rounds and realized the late crowd hadn't arrived yet so I headed to Warsaw. Seen at PUMP: Jeff & Carlos, Tracy Finger (formerly of II Libra), Cy (the manager), Joe Bon (guarding the door) and Marcella (guarding Joe Bon).
FRIGHTENING BLOCK PARTY AT WARSAW: On Halloween everyone looked "fierce" or at least thought that they did and everyone wanted to be photographed. I had to escape to the upstairs bar at Warsaw because people were lining up to have their photo taken. The costumes were incredible. There were so many men in drag (hopefully once was enough for them) and muscle men in leather pants (no shirts of course, any excuse to take off their shirt to advertise). Speaking of taking off your shirt, Paloma's costume was not to be believed. It was very Las Vegas showgirl with vampire eyes and everything exposed through sheer fabric. Seen at Warsaw: Elaine Lancaster trying to pounce on one of the dancers, Kitty Meow, William (model/hunk), and Attila Lakatoush. The FACE-IT crew (Javier, Steve and Ray -in drag), DJ Shannon, Maxwell (Gen. Manager), Yves (owner), Sam (masseur-in drag), William (at the door), Damien Devine with chiropractor Dr. Hal Kreitman (wearing matching zebra print costumes accessorized with alien ears), Kent (who seems to be everywhere), Paul (Escuelita bartender), Leslie Quick (in an incredible costume) with Ryan (her personal Boss model), and Angelo (formerly of...).
And that was barely a third of the column. So many clubs, so many parties and so many people. More blurbs from the past next week. Let me know if you enjoy. Similar pages of a faux What's Up? column called What's Happening? are in my novel SOUTH BEACH STAR.

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