Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to Writing after a Staycation

On Saturday my friend Bibi and I had a staycation adventure. We started our day with the Duck Tour (a 90 minute tour on land and in the water). Next we rode around the beach in a Go Car and got caught in the torrential downpour. We got drenched but had so much fun. As soon as we turned in the Go Car the sun came out (of course) as if it had never rained. We then strolled down Lincoln Road and had a wonderful lunch of sushi at one of the cafes. I have written about the Miami Children's Museum many times but had never been there so that was our next stop. They don't allow anyone entrance without bringing children and they didn't buy our story that we were just large children but since we are press they escorted us through the museum. That's a photo of me brushing my teeth with a giant toothbrush. Next we headed over to BAYSIDE Mall where we got our tickets to the Blaster (an open air boat that speeds through the water around the islands and out into the ocean). We had time to spare before the Blaster departed so we stopped by Sharper Image, one of my favorite stores, and I got a wonderful massage from one of those great massage chairs. Our Blaster ride (also 90 minutes) was great. We rode out into the ocean and back just around sunset and it was a gorgeous ride. We ended our day by having a delicious dinner of pasta at ICorsini on Washington Avenue back on South Beach. Why go away on vacation when there is so much to do here in Miami? It was a great day and a fabulous staycation. Now it's back to writing and work.

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